Client Profile

Not-for-Profit Client Profile & Benefits Statement

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Benefits Statement

Selection of Vasin, Heyn & Company as Auditors

  • All auditors assigned to your audit have more than fifteen years relevant audit experience. You do not have to train junior auditors.
  • Our Firm mainly audits only Child, Family and Heath Agencies. You only deal with auditors who fully understand this unique operating environment.
  • Our Firm conducts free training seminars in subjects related to accountability. You can obtain vital information all in one place.
  • Over one hundred (100) automated accounting system implementations have been conducted in the past twenty years by the auditors assigned to your audit. You have our experience to rely upon to avoid the pitfalls inherent in complex computer system conversions.
  • We have been preferred auditors throughout the most dramatic periods of growth.Clients have efficiently teamed with us to provide cost-effective accountability yet we remain objective enough to “call them as we see them”

Not-for-profit client profile

Child Welfare

  • Child care-Early childhood learning- HEADSTART
  • Domestic violence counseling
  • Adoption
  • Child-abuse counseling
  • Youth activities-clubs
  • Foster/group homes


  • Private schools
  • Education-Funding
  • Education-Student services
  • Job training/placement
  • Refugee settlement
  • Youth theater


  • Shelter-Homeless services
  • Shelter-low-income housing

Public Health

  • Public Health/epidemiology
  • Public Health/medical research
  • Public Health/social problem research
  • Nutrition-child/epidemiology
  • Nutrition-elderly
  • Burn prevention/recovery
  • Substance abuse recovery/shelter
  • Eldercare Abuse

Mental Health

  • Family counseling
  • Homeless advocacy


  • Historical Society