Traditional Services

May we submit our proposal to be your auditors?

Our clients like us because we minimize disruption of their daily administration, and we are very knowledgeable sources for practical operational strategies to help you get the most from historically limited and now threatened budgets.

We are quick, nimble and always ready to parachute in to help get your audit process back on track. We want to be first on your list of audit Firms. Our thirty-year track-record, auditing your kind of organization, counts for low cost, high benefit service.

ALL of the CPAs assigned to your audit have more than twenty five years experience auditing organizations just like yours. We do not have junior staff. ALL of our paraprofessionals have been trained from the ground up in our specialized nonprofit auditing technologies. We have almost no turnover with only one paraprofessional person, and zero professionals, leaving us since our founding in 1989. This benefits your organization through low fees and high quality audits.

Our independent approach to forwarding your governance efforts include: Recent audit regulations and our evolving independence. Free monthly training workshops in sound fiscal management. Guidelines for risk assessment and responsibilities of Board members, and emerging threats and opportunities. (PDF)

Auditing and Reporting on Financial Statements

We offer many auditing services including Audit, Review, and Compilation Reports to meet requests from bankers, investors, vendors and government agencies. We also conduct specialized audits such as OMB A-133, Fraud, Franchise/Lease Royalties, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Internal Control and many more.

Management Consulting Services

We offer clients a range of solutions to management problems:

  • Financial planning and controls
  • Organizational development
  • Personnel administration
  • Employee motivation and training
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Marketing
  • Industrial engineering
  • plus other services designed to take the pain out of growth

Non-profit Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation