Social Audits. Building the Case for Social Responsibility

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Perception Reasons

  • Business partners, suppliers, and customers favor doing business with reputable organizations.
  • A good image attracts potential employees, especially in competitive hiring modes.
  • Donors and volunteers are more willing to contribute if the not-for-profit supports the same values they do.

Business Reasons

  • Philanthropic programs can open new markets.
  • Strong employee support services help reduce absenteeism and turnover and improves employee productivity.
  • Community involvement helps a strong corporate culture, which results in innovation, higher quality and more commitment.
  • Future competitiveness and success depends upon the health of the communities in which the business operates.
  • Well-defined ethics programs can protect against legal exposure, fines and sanctions.
  • Environmental management increases efficiency in materials and energy use, thus, lowering costs.
  • Monitoring social responsibility can prevent fraud and organizational wrong-doing.

Altruistic Reasons

  • “It is the right thing to do”
  • “We have an obligation to share our success.”
  • “We have a responsibility to give something back to the community.”

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