Social Audits. President’s Letter

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Dear <President>

During the past year several businesses and nonprofit organizations accepted our invitation to participate, at no cost to them, in a breakthrough project.

We conducted prototype Social Responsibility Audits (SRA), probably the first few such efforts in the USA, and used these test sites to validate the measurement instruments we have been developing over the past five years. An SRA involves interviews with management, staff, vendors and other stakeholders, and review of internal documentation, supporting social responsibility assertions.

The results were shared with participants confidentially, although our ultimate goal was to render a report sufficient for public exposure taking credit for corporate social responsibilities and identifying opportunities for additional learning.

Given the landscape of philanthropy and capital formation these days, where greater funding is available than ever before, accompanied by more accountability than in the past, we are finding a heightened atmosphere of threats and opportunities for private and public businesses as well as not-for-profits.

A purpose of the SRA is to serve as an early warning system for avoiding fallout from threats, but more importantly, as a foundation for efforts to attract funding whether in the form of venture capital, community-bank lending, planned giving, or general fund raising from government or institutional sources.

I have enclosed an outline of our SRA and encourage your joining this adventure in expanding our reach toward a better community. I will call you to discuss your interest in the project.

Rolland Vasin, MS, CFE, CPA

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