Social Audits. Noncompliance With Social Responsibility Criteria

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Appendix B


SRCO has no supplier diversity program that would actively encourage the involvement of underutilized businesses. SRCO seeks to use minority-owned and women-owned vendors only when required by a grant. Nothing came to our attention to indicate that SRCO specifically chooses not to conduct business with any minority-owned or women-owned businesses. Moreover, SRCO has no purchasing policies which indicate a commitment to enabling all people in the community to share in economic growth.

SRCO has well-defined and implemented practices regarding employees and clients that encourage the involvement of a variety of members of the community. In order to �walk the talk� of social responsibility, these practices can not be in place for legal or perceptual reasons. For SRCO and the community to truly benefit, a consciousness about the advantages of diversity must be conveyed to all employees. SRCO can not just wear “color blinders”; it must recognize and empower the creative energy of a multicultural workplace.

Performance Evaluations

SRCO’s personnel manual requires annual evaluations for every employee. All employees do sign contracts at least annually. However, during testwork on employee files and employee interviews, we noted that not all SRCO personnel are participating in annual evaluations. In addition, SRCO has no formal program for employees and contractors to provide upward reviews of management on a periodic basis.


Since the inception of SRCO, management has held certain socially responsible values which were evident in workplace practices. However, until this year, SRCO has never consciously considered measuring and reporting its social performance. Thus, SRCO has no established mechanisms in place to develop or refine social responsibility objectives, measure progress towards these objectives and report to all concerned stakeholders. SRCO has not developed a Statement of Values which addresses social and environmental performance.

In addition, SRCO does not have a written policy which protects internal critics from discrimination or retaliation and provides assurance that SRCO will make full-disclosure of all information that may impact stakeholders.

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