Social Audits. Participation Checklist

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People We Would Want to Interview

  • Board members Management
  • Accounting personnel
  • Human resources personnel
  • Marketing personnel
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Purchasing personnel
  • Individual responsible for community development
  • Individual responsible for environmental programs
  • Randomly selected other employees

General Information We Would Request

  • Board minutes
  • List of related parties (BOD members, owners, etc.) and nature of any related party transactions
  • Signed representation letter
  • Request for attorney letter
  • Background information (brochures, articles, newsletters, marketing material, etc.)
  • Mission and values statement
  • Copy of most recent financial statements (internal or external)

Written Policies We Would Review

  • Employee policies and procedures manual
  • Community partnership policy
  • Purchasing policy
  • Employment compensation & benefits and promotion policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • International Relationships policy
  • Marketing/customer satisfaction/return policy
  • Ethics code Whistle Blowers policy

Items We Would Need for Testwork

  • List of charitable contributions, including volunteer time
  • List of most frequently used vendors
  • Access to employee grievance file
  • Access to job postings
  • Access to payroll register
  • Communications from EPA, EEOC, OSHA, Better Business Bureau or any other regulatory agency concerning noncompliance
  • Copy of workers’ compensation policy and premium payments
  • Copy of employee evaluation form and access to employee files to ensure evaluations are completed
  • Accounts payable aging
  • Access to payroll tax returns
  • Employment statistics for current and prior years (if available) including number of women and minorities in management positions, number of promotions from within versus external hires, and number of employees leaving organization

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