Social Audits. Social Responsibility Assertions and Criteria

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Appendix A

A. Community Development


SRCO affirms the interdependence of its enterprise with the well being and self-reliance of the community. SRCO builds enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships with the communities in which it operates and with which it interacts.


Community Involvement:

  1. SRCO makes explicit its commitment to a community well-being imperative. This commitment involves forging enduring community partnerships and long-term relationships that contribute to the quality of life in the community. As part of this commitment, SRCO employs a full-time project coordinator for community development.
  2. SRCO provides information on local and regional social issues to its stakeholders through events and services, including newsletters, meetings with employees, clients, community representatives and government officials, and its public web page.
  3. SRCO provides self-sufficiency programs in partnership with local educational institutions, law enforcement agencies and community organizations.


  1. SRCO donated approximately $______ for the year ending June 30, 1999 to __________, charitable organizations. In addition, SRCO provided media services at a cost of approximately $______ to ___________.

B. Diversity


SRCO provides fair employment and promotion opportunities to all members of the communities in which it operates. This commitment is reflected in policies and practices concerning employees, clients and suppliers that remove barriers to participation and actively encourage involvement.


Equal Opportunity – Internal:

  1. SRCO substantially complies with all local, state and federal guidelines and provides equal opportunity as it relates to race, gender, religion, handicap, national origin, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, age and any other legally protected status.
  2. SRCO provides equal access to employment and promotion opportunities through policies and programs that commit it to the concept of equal pay for equal work (pay equity) and fairness in hiring and promotion (employment equity).

Equal Opportunity – External:

  1. SRCO ensures that all qualified businesses have an opportunity to supply and service contracts, with preference given to local firms.

C. Employee Relations


SRCO creates a work environment in which all board members, employees and contractors interact with fairness, integrity and respect, and in which they can operate to their full potential. SRCOs work environment encourages each person to act responsibly, both individually and collectively, towards a common vision.


Employment Standards:

  1. SRCO substantially complies with applicable legislation regarding employees, in such areas as benefits, health and safety and working hours.
  2. SRCO ensures that its employees are covered under Workers’ Compensation programs.

Performance Review:

  1. SRCO offers each employee and contract worker a performance and contract review at least annually. This process provides the employee and contract worker with an opportunity to review management and/or SRCO, as well.


  1. SRCO outlines its payment policies for all departments and levels in the organization. The policy is distributed to all employees.
  2. SRCO ensures fair and prompt payment to all employees and contractors for their services.

Employee Empowerment:

  1. SRCO creates clearly defined opportunities for management/staff communication and feedback, in all departments and at all levels within the organization.
  2. SRCO provides an effective vehicle for employees to advance ideas and suggestions for change. The organization has a clearly defined mechanism in place to ensure a response. It acknowledges employee suggestions that provide significant advantages to SRCO.
  3. SRCO provides a work environment that allows for freedom of association.

Employee Growth:

  1. SRCO offers clear and documented guidelines for employee development and advancement within the organization. The company supports professional and personal development through internal training programs, financial-assistance and opportunities for participation in programs outside of SRCO.
  2. SRCO has a written policy explicitly defining employee benefits. These benefits include education, training, health care and dependent care through a flexible spending account, contributions to a tax deferred annuity program and employee assistance programs.

Employee Termination:

  1. SRCO has a written policy regarding termination which is distributed to all employees. The policy includes four stages of disciplinary action: warning, reprimand, suspension and termination.
  2. SRCO follows labor laws when terminating an employee.
  3. SRCO investigates, and when appropriate, acts on alternatives to downsizing and layoffs.

Flexible Work Hours:

  1. SRCO provides programs to help its employees balance work and family responsibilities.These policies include flexible working hours and parental/family leave policies.

D. Environment


SRCO integrates environmental factors into all elements of business decision-making, including business plans, corporate goals, program planning and strategic planning.


Environmental Regulations:

SRCO strives to comply fully with all environmental laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Environmental Policy Statement:

  1. SRCO has a policy statement committing it to minimizing its impact on the environment.This policy statement is communicated to all stakeholders and is freely accessible in the workplace.

Environmental Management – Procedures and Programs:

  1. SRCO has specific procedures and programs in place to reduce the environmental impacts throughout its operations. Employees receive adequate training to assist them in implementing these procedures and programs.
  2. SRCO has at least one staff member whose responsibilities include overseeing environmental initiatives.  This employee is responsible for overseeing the development of the environmental policy statement and implementing environmental programs and initiatives.
  3. SRCO seeks, encourages and gives preference to suppliers and subcontractors whose environmental practices meet the standards the organization sets for it.

Environmental Management – Communications

SRCO communicates its environmental activities and accomplishments through employee newsletters and reports to all concerned stakeholders.

E. International Relationships


SRCO strives to adhere to the same social and environmental standards in host countries as it does in its home country.


Purchasing and Contracts

SRCO will not knowingly enter into business relationships with firms that use any form of compulsory labor or allow sub-standard working conditions.

Human Rights, Environmental Standards and Community Development


For the year ended June 30, 1999, SRCO had neither employees working in foreign countries nor any SRCO-administered programs abroad. Thus, no appropriate criteria exist for SRCO on human rights standards, environmental standards and community development in host countries.

F. Marketplace Practices


SRCO consistently interacts with its clients in a fair and honest way. They also treat competitors, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders with integrity and respect.


Consumer Protection:

  1. SRCO substantially complies with all relevant consumer protection laws and regulations.

Advertising and Marketing Practices:

  1. SRCO markets its services in a truthful way, avoiding false claims.SRCO advertises and markets without discriminating against, or stereotyping, any person or group.

Customer Satisfaction:

  1. SRCO informs its clients of its customer satisfaction policies. SRCO has developed procedures to respond to client inquiries in a timely and effective manner.


  1. SRCO makes fair and prompt payment to all contractors and suppliers.

Ethics Policy:

  1. SRCO has developed a policy of ethical conduct which is distributed to all employees

Dispute Resolution:

  1. SRCO resolves client or supplier disputes quickly and fairly.

G. Fiscal Responsibility


SRCO conducts its operations in a fiscally responsible manner, acknowledging its responsibilities to all stakeholders.


Fiscal Policy:

  1. SRCO has implemented fiscal policies, financial management systems and accounting controls that help to ensure fiscal responsibility and long-term viability.

Financial Reporting:

  1. SRCO makes a commitment to accurate, clear and timely financial reporting. SRCO makes available its financial position to employees and other stakeholders annually.

H. Accountability – Auditing, Monitoring, and Reporting


SRCO audits, monitors and publicly reports its social and environmental performance, to ensure accountability to all of its stakeholders.


Social Responsibility Audits:

  1. SRCO undertakes a regular review of its social and environmental policies and initiatives. This review helps to ensure that the organization meets or exceeds its own standards of performance and measures progress towards stated goals. This review also assists in defining measures of success and upgrading SRCO�s strategic goals over time.

Disclosure and Reporting:

  1. SRCO has a written and public policy that commits it to full public disclosure and the protection of internal critics (whistle blowers).


  1. SRCO discloses all relevant information so that stakeholders can make rational and informed decisions and protect themselves from any negative consequences resulting from SRCO�s actions. Disclosure is complete, accurate, objective, understandable and public.

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