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Formed in 1989 Vasin, Heyn & Company (VHCO) only audits youth and family oriented not for profit organizations.  In addition to audits, the Firm provides free training seminars on topics including Board responsibilities, fraud detection and prevention, how to read financial statements, program cost accounting and financial solvency techniques.  The Firm, additionally, has implemented technology transfers for not-for-profit social responsibility reporting and auditing, outcomes measurement, and information technology effectiveness assessment.

While remaining diligently independent, we have established collegial relationships with our auditees, based on our core mission, that emphasizes accountability and healing as would a parent’s care for their children be manifested by setting ideal standards of behavior and firmly yet fairly monitoring expectations.  Our motto is Above the Bright Line which seeks transparent and ethical actions in relation to the highest professional standards.

Our firm has audited multi-funded youth and family health organizations with operating budgets ranging as large as $100 million to $250 million.  We also audit organizations with budgets as small as $1 million.  Our audit procedures are scalable to the size organization we are invited to audit.
Donna Heyn and Rolland J. Vasin established our practice after having both been members of larger firms and noticing that the most talented auditors, Managers and Partners, were the furthest away from the tempo of not-for-profit organization auditees which were called on by their existing auditors to, in effect, train the young staff CPAs in audit procedures.  Resisting this condition Donna and Rolland organized Vasin, Heyn & Company with a flat organizational structure in which all members participated shoulder to shoulder with auditees in meeting our respective goals.  We viewed our practice more as a ministry than a business, seeking to be on the team serving youth that makes the world a better place at the end of each day.  
Rolland J. Vasin, CPA., CITP  is Senior Partner in Vasin, Heyn & Company. His expertise includes over twenty years of providing a variety of auditing, accounting and business advisory services to public and commercial Organizations. A Not-for-Profit Organization specialist, Mr. Vasin has been auditing publicly-funded human-service organizations since 1976, has participated in governmental audits since 1978, and exceeds Federal guidelines for Single Audit Training Standards.

A Certified Fraud Examiner, Mr. Vasin has been involved since 1975 in approximately 65 engagements focused on investigating, uncovering, and prosecuting financial fraud and in approximately 173 engagements assessing or designing effective fraud deterrence systems in public and private Organizations.
Steven McCann, CPA  is a Principal in Vasin, Heyn & Company and has been licensed as a CPA in California since 1985.  Steven is an IT and fraud-prevention specialist and has installed numerous Fund Accounting computer systems and he is a frequent IT and systems improvement consultant to our clients.

Steven has thirty years public accounting industry management consulting and auditing experience; and complies with the continuing education requirements of the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
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